Feeling Medieval? There’s Hope!

Two of my fav places for medieval (ish) styles sit side by side.. How convenient is that?!

MysticHope offers high quality outfits (leather, gowns, knights) for medieval, elven or similar style roleplay, or just to look fantabulous! Each outfit is offered in several colors, often with matching outfits for both male and female avis, each for 399L. See examples in the MysticHope store on Marketplace. Continue reading

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Big Sale on Latex, Leather Clubwear!

If you like the slinky, sexiness of wearing latex and leather, pop over to Alessandra’s for her big Rez Day sale! To celebrate 5 years in SecondLife, she’s tagged 50 outfits to sell at only 99L!  That’s about half price for many, more than half off for the others!  The items are scattered around the in-world mainstore and are all marked with the 99L$ star sticker.

Note that with the exception of the three walls of all-99L items, only one color of a particular outfit may be available at the sale price!

In addition to latex and leather clubwear and casuals, you’ll also find some nice jeans and laced leather pants on sale as well!

Visit Alessandra here! Hurry before the sale ends!

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Important Note for Bargain Hunters!

Yes, we all want the free stuff, especially if its good quality stuff like what I write about here. But, there is another thing I’d like you all to consider.

The designers and merchants providing all of these fantastic deals and bargains have bills to pay. Tier costs, the supplies and gadgets and whatnots they use to create these great things for us cost them real money. They are, after all, in business..  that means making money. If they don’t make money, then they eventually disappear, taking the goodies with them.

So, when you have a few lindens, buy something from them. Show your appreciation for their generosity by supporting their business. If you absolutely can’t spend money in their shop, at least spend some time there- camping, waiting for Lucky Letters/Chairs (TP your friends in when their letter pops up!), or just browsing around. That helps increase their traffic count, which in turn improves their position in searches, generating even more visits by other residents that will spend their lindens there.

Its a two way street. Help them help us by showing your support!

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Nothing to Grumble About!

A bargain hunter’s dream, Grumble is a collection of various types of shops spread over 2 full sims. Good quality clothing for guys, girls and kids, in addition to accessories, furniture, shoes and even a few skins and shapes.

All of the items for sale here are reasonable priced- often much less than comparable items elsewhere. In addition to the generally low prices, there is another great reason to shop at Grumble. In pretty much every shop you will find Mini Mania boards containing 25, 50 or 100 linden gift cards. These are very valuable, especially since so many of the clothing items offered at Grumble are in that price range.

There are several Midnight Mania boards in the sims as well, usually offering gift cards of higher amounts- 100, 200, 500, sometimes up to 1500 lindens in value!

If you spend a little time at Grumble, taking advantage of the dozens of Mini Mania boards, the Midnight Mania, and the many, many Lucky Chairs, you can build a great casual wardrobe, and bring home a few more formal outfits as well, and spend very little! If you need to build your shoe inventory, this is a great place to do that. Basic styles, some nice boots…  Quality at fair prices!



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Noob to Hottie for 3 Lindens or Less

No one wants to stay “new” for very long, especially in their appearance! It takes a bit of work to get your avi to look the way you want, and can cost a LOT of lindens if you aren’t paying attention.

On the other hand, there are places you might want to look to get nice outfits and accessories for very little cost, or even free! No, I don’t mean the dozens upon dozens of “Freeeebie” shops out there- in fact, I’d avoid those altogether. What you want is quality outfits, not outdated and blingy trash. Continue reading

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