Big Sale on Latex, Leather Clubwear!

If you like the slinky, sexiness of wearing latex and leather, pop over to Alessandra’s for her big Rez Day sale! To celebrate 5 years in SecondLife, she’s tagged 50 outfits to sell at only 99L!  That’s about half price for many, more than half off for the others!  The items are scattered around the in-world mainstore and are all marked with the 99L$ star sticker.

Note that with the exception of the three walls of all-99L items, only one color of a particular outfit may be available at the sale price!

In addition to latex and leather clubwear and casuals, you’ll also find some nice jeans and laced leather pants on sale as well!

Visit Alessandra here! Hurry before the sale ends!


About Ryde Jaggernov

Ryde is a longtime member of the SecondLife community, and knows a good deal when she sees it! The only thing better than finding a bargain on quality stuff is sharing it, and that's what this blog is all about! When not looking for deals, Ryde is also a Princess in a family of vamps, a Customer Support Rep for Wyrmwood Breedable Fairies, and owner of Ryde's Faery Werld and ShutterBug Profile Pics! If you need to contact her in-world, search for Ride Jaggernov (instead of Ryde)
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