Important Note for Bargain Hunters!

Yes, we all want the free stuff, especially if its good quality stuff like what I write about here. But, there is another thing I’d like you all to consider.

The designers and merchants providing all of these fantastic deals and bargains have bills to pay. Tier costs, the supplies and gadgets and whatnots they use to create these great things for us cost them real money. They are, after all, in business..  that means making money. If they don’t make money, then they eventually disappear, taking the goodies with them.

So, when you have a few lindens, buy something from them. Show your appreciation for their generosity by supporting their business. If you absolutely can’t spend money in their shop, at least spend some time there- camping, waiting for Lucky Letters/Chairs (TP your friends in when their letter pops up!), or just browsing around. That helps increase their traffic count, which in turn improves their position in searches, generating even more visits by other residents that will spend their lindens there.

Its a two way street. Help them help us by showing your support!


About Ryde Jaggernov

Ryde is a longtime member of the SecondLife community, and knows a good deal when she sees it! The only thing better than finding a bargain on quality stuff is sharing it, and that's what this blog is all about! When not looking for deals, Ryde is also a Princess in a family of vamps, a Customer Support Rep for Wyrmwood Breedable Fairies, and owner of Ryde's Faery Werld and ShutterBug Profile Pics! If you need to contact her in-world, search for Ride Jaggernov (instead of Ryde)
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