Nothing to Grumble About!

A bargain hunter’s dream, Grumble is a collection of various types of shops spread over 2 full sims. Good quality clothing for guys, girls and kids, in addition to accessories, furniture, shoes and even a few skins and shapes.

All of the items for sale here are reasonable priced- often much less than comparable items elsewhere. In addition to the generally low prices, there is another great reason to shop at Grumble. In pretty much every shop you will find Mini Mania boards containing 25, 50 or 100 linden gift cards. These are very valuable, especially since so many of the clothing items offered at Grumble are in that price range.

There are several Midnight Mania boards in the sims as well, usually offering gift cards of higher amounts- 100, 200, 500, sometimes up to 1500 lindens in value!

If you spend a little time at Grumble, taking advantage of the dozens of Mini Mania boards, the Midnight Mania, and the many, many Lucky Chairs, you can build a great casual wardrobe, and bring home a few more formal outfits as well, and spend very little! If you need to build your shoe inventory, this is a great place to do that. Basic styles, some nice boots…  Quality at fair prices!




About Ryde Jaggernov

Ryde is a longtime member of the SecondLife community, and knows a good deal when she sees it! The only thing better than finding a bargain on quality stuff is sharing it, and that's what this blog is all about! When not looking for deals, Ryde is also a Princess in a family of vamps, a Customer Support Rep for Wyrmwood Breedable Fairies, and owner of Ryde's Faery Werld and ShutterBug Profile Pics! If you need to contact her in-world, search for Ride Jaggernov (instead of Ryde)
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