About This Blog Thing

This blog is all about finding the best deals in Second Life- clothes, furniture, homes, gadgets, whatever!  Sure, one can go cruise the freebie shops and waddle out with an inventory full of blingy outfits older than ya grandmomma..  but why?

No one wants to look like a “noob” longer than they have to. Wearing the outdated junk from a freebie shop only prolongs the pain!

So, that is the goal of this blog thingie. To help you find the good stuff! Deals, gifts, bargains- if its quality stuff, I want you to know about it! Visit the places I share with you, tell your friends and take them with you! By increasing the traffic to these merchants, it is my hope that they will prosper with increased sales, which means they will be around longer and bring many more great deals!  It not just about getting great stuff for free- its about showing appreciation to those that generously share with us and helping them succeed!

No, I do not gain anything from any of the shops I highlight here- financial or otherwise, other than getting the same deals you do by visiting them. I see something of interest and pass the information along. That’s it!

If you know of a deal that others would benefit from, please let me know! I’ll pass it on to the other readers, and give you the credit for finding it! Best way to get the info to me is to send it in-world (notecard preferred- I get capped pretty frequently). You can also click through that profile thing over there on the right side of this page, and you’ll find an email address as well!

Happy hunting!



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