Feeling Medieval? There’s Hope!

Two of my fav places for medieval (ish) styles sit side by side.. How convenient is that?!

MysticHope offers high quality outfits (leather, gowns, knights) for medieval, elven or similar style roleplay, or just to look fantabulous! Each outfit is offered in several colors, often with matching outfits for both male and female avis, each for 399L. See examples in the MysticHope store on Marketplace. While you are there on their MP page, sort by price- low to high- and take advantage of the 49L promotional offer on their Twilight outfits for the ladies. The Lilac colored one (pictured here) is available as a free gift just inside the entrance to the main store, along with one other fantastic outfit!

There are five Lucky Chairs in the main store, filled with well over a dozen of the best outfits, including a new release or two. Three of the LCs offer outfits for the ladies, two for the guys. The hot leather number here on the right can be won from the Lucky Chair in the center of the shop! (Its also the outfit I’m wearing in the banner pic at the top of this page)

Be sure to join the group (free), and listen for other residents to call out the LC letters as they change! Do your part and reciprocate when you are there- helps the letters change faster!

Next door you will find Nala– Similar great styles for the ladies, plus some nice casuals, but easier on the budget (99L or less). Check out the NaLa Marketplace store for examples! Like MysticHope, there are three Lucky Chairs upstairs offering quality outfits! Note that prices in-world at the main store are less than those in Marketplace.

In addition to the hot outfits for the ladies, NaLa also offers sculptures, gazebos, medieval buildings and other items to beautify your land.


About Ryde Jaggernov

Ryde is a longtime member of the SecondLife community, and knows a good deal when she sees it! The only thing better than finding a bargain on quality stuff is sharing it, and that's what this blog is all about! When not looking for deals, Ryde is also a Princess in a family of vamps, a Customer Support Rep for Wyrmwood Breedable Fairies, and owner of Ryde's Faery Werld and ShutterBug Profile Pics! If you need to contact her in-world, search for Ride Jaggernov (instead of Ryde)
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